Friday, 20 April 2018

Opening Ceremony RAINS Capsule.

RAINS, the Swedish rainwear brand is known for their ultra cheap rain wear, seriously, ultra-cheap, a full length Mac Coat from RAINS goes for £50 on ASOS, Good luck getting even a tee shirt from Uniqlo for that price.  

Upping their game, or lowering Opening Ceremonies, they are Collaborating with Opening Ceremony for a capsule of Mac Coat in black, Mac Coat in blue transparent leopard print, and parka in red transparent leopard.  A couple of bags are thrown in for good measure, and Opening Ceremony logos with RAIN motif trimmings complete the pieces.

These aren't going to be mainstays of your wardrobe, of classic pieces for years to come, but with prices going up to a maximum of £140, these can be a fun touch to brighten up a Spring wardrobe, and keep out the April showers, with a nod to a luxury streetwear brand so you can keep your head held high.

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Tom Ford 001 Wristwatch.

Announced in 2017, Tom Ford's first foray into the world of horology has finally been put to market, and all things considered, it's pretty mediocre.  The watch itself is fairly inoffensive, rectangular casing, black Arabic numerals.  And the choice of materials, gold, steel, DLC, is nice.  The ability to have a range of 62 interchangeable straps to choose from is a lovely little touch.  All in all seems great, its just that Tom Ford's clothing and accessories ranges are so stratospherically high-end, a timepiece so frankly ordinary seems somehow, well, a little incongruous.

And the way it has been produced is also a bit odd.  It's been made by Bedrock Manufacturing, a company which makes Shinola and Filson.  This means it's likely to be along the lines of a quartz movement.  This is something we would expect from D&G watches, or Gucci, but Tom Ford, who is famously an avid watch collector, should in our opinion have gone the route of a high end manufacture.

The price point similarly is a bit off.  A brand that sells cashmere sweaters for £2,000 should not be starting it's watches off at £1,600, very odd.

Friday, 6 April 2018

Canada Goose The Bravest Coat

Designed to honour the New York City Fire Departments sacrifices, this new coat from Canada Goose, called The Bravest, is directly inspired by the traditional coats that FDNY firefighters wore.  Designed in collaboration with FDNY, the coat features tactical and functional design details, alongside special patches designed by individuals who work with the FDNY, representing five different NYC firehouses.

The Bravest Coat costs £500, and all proceeds from the sale will be awarded to the FDNY Foundation to support initiatives such as fire safety education, training programs, and equipment needs.

Friday, 30 March 2018

Anti Social Social Club NEIGHBORHOOD Capsule.

Neek Lurk has really made a mark for himself.  Not merely for the exciting collab's, and actually reasonably priced high-end streetwear (£65 for a hoody vs £250 of an Off White Tee), but for the worst customer services ever.  Does he care?  Nope.  In fact, in a real life example of sticking it to the haters, Neek Lurk took social media negative comments, and made hoodies out of them, which then sold out.  Nice.

This NEIGHBORHOOD collab is classic ASSC, big branding, ultra cool, blue and black quilted bombers, reminiscent of the souvenier jackets of old, and a couple of cool nonsense branded pieces.

The bad news, and there always is some, is they are only avaialabe in the Shinjuku, Tokyo store, tomorrow, between 12:00 and 15:00.  Flight to Tokyo anyone?

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Sunspel Ian Flemming Collection.

We love Sunspel, indeed, our post a few years back on the best white tee for men mentioned Sunspel, and was used by them on their website in their "press" section until recently.  So we are going to try to be objective here, but honestly,  this is an awesome little capsule from Sunspel.

Since Daniel Craig wore Sunpel clothing in Casino Royale, in particular, the Riviera Polo, the brand has been synonymous with James Bond.  A minimalist aesthetic, which has always been intrinsic to the brands identity, combined with the brand power of Bond, has allowed this 170 year old company to find a new audience.  This new collection nods to Ian Flemming, the creator of James Bond, who wrote many of his novels in his Jamaican home, Goldeneye, and was a fan of sea island cotton clothing.  For the uninitiated wanting a quick read, sea island cotton is the "Vicuna" of cotton, for those wanting to know more, read on.

Cotton quality is determined by the length of the staple, which is the length of the fibres taken from the cotton plant.  The longer the staple, the higher the quality.  Sea island cotton, which grows in tropical locations, was so named as it traditionally comes from the West Indies (although it is now cultivated in other locations), and is known as an "Extra Long Staple Cotton" due to having fibres more than 34mm in length.The advantages of this for consumers is a softer fabric, more resistant to wear, which rather than degrading over time, improves from wash to wash.  

To the untrained eye, these products look like the standard Sunspel offerings, and they are, with the exception of the fact that each is crafted from this ultra-rare, premium quality cotton.  The price of course reflects this, with tee's starting from £115, unadorned with logos or branding, which will likely put off mant.  But this is not a collection for those people, this is for those who appreciate quality over trends.

Monday, 19 March 2018

Lacoste Save Our Species Collection.

Lacoste created a limited range of polo's to draw attention to the extinction crisis that currently exists in the world.  The special edition tops remove Lacoste's crocodile, and replace it with one of 10 critically endangered species, and has been developed in collaboration with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the Save Our Species (SOS) partnership.

The species being highlighted, and the numbers involved in the crisis are, the Vaquita dolphin with 30 remaining, the Burmese roofed turtle at 40, the northern sportive lemur at 50, the Javan rhino at 67, Cao-Vit gibbon at 150, the kakap at 157, the Californian condor at 231, the Saola at 250, the Anegda Ground Iguana, and the Sumatran tiger which has 350 specimens remaining.

This is not just marketing, proceeds from each of the 1,775 tops sold will be donated to the IUCN and SOS, meaning consumers actually contribute to positive change with their purchase.  You will need to look to resale however, the tops sold out on the first day they were put up, so expect to pay more than the £150 asking price, and this time it wont be going to charity.